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Dr Mohammad Iqbal Anjum B.U.M.S (PB) R.U.M.P(Pak) D.H.M.S (Pb) R.H.M.P(PAK) M.D.(Sri Lanka) F.C.I.A.N( England) D.N.M.(England) M.I.P.A(U.K) Member independent Plato Acedemy Of Medical Practitioner(England) Fellow comman wealth research institute of Acupuncture and natural medicines(U.K) Member of Acupuncture Foundation(Canada) Ex- Professor Ibn-e-Senna Tibbia college(Multan) Ex- Professor AH-she acupuncture college(Multan) Chairman & chief Executive of Natural Foundation(Pakistan)

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MATTIB NATURAL was established in 1992 in KASUR .My Ancestors have been practicing in this honorable field from the last two centauries. They made a plenty of additions in the field of crude drugs, Pharmacy and preparation of medicines ,in the treatment of many incurable maladies. Following the steps of my forefathers , during the period of my practice , we also tried to provide the pure herbal ,cheap ,beneficial , constitutional , experienced medicament according to the rules and regulations of Unani ,Homoeopathic pharmacodynamics ,pharmacology ,photochemistry , properties ,safety , clinical usage , indications , formulation , and dosage of medicinal plants prescribed in pharmacopeias for those who are keen in these honorable fields.
We , also introduced some very successful well result oriented CURES of many incurable diseases such as:
1) - L D T A very unique and innovative therapy for degenerative and infiltrative life- threatening l diseases. It is very useful and beneficial therapy for cholelithiasis (gall stones),Hepatitis ,Kidney stones ,cancer , constipation , etc.
2)- G T D A prolific and tonic for Male diseases . It is very useful therapy for proper blood circulation towards the arteries and nerves of the male organs , increasing male hormones , notify and strengthen the spongiest corpora and spongiest cavernosa .With the help of this therapy , a man can really enjoy the sexual and matrimonial life in all ages.
3)- THE TAO A very magical therapy for feminine diseases . Leucorrhoea , menses problems , infertility, tubes blockage , vaginitis , harmonical disturbances , backache , whatsoever the reason of female infertility , it is totally curable with the help of this therapy.
I, too provide expert therapeutic services in the following methods of treatments;
1)- Acupuncture 11)- Ayurveda

2)- Acu--pressure 12)- Psychotherapy
3)- Chromopathy
4)- Hydropathy
5)- Aromatherapy
6)- Homoeopathy
7)- Naturopathy
8)- Reflexology
9)- Kinesiology
10)- Shiatsu

The patients comes not only the every corners of PAKISTAN but also from the abroad especially the middle east countries for herbal natural treatment. By the grace of Almighty
ALLAH the strength of patients is increasing day after day. According to the patients entry register 12,23,000 patients have been visited the clinic upto jan,2012 during the last 20 years.
A big majority of patients have been satisfactory cured, 80% out of 100 completely cured. The total number of sexual disorders disease patients were 69723. Bayulad 27000 couples were given totally successful treatment THE TAO and they fulfiled their wishes in the shape of ulad by the grace of almighty ALLAH. 5,89734 patients of stomach and liver were given treatment LDT and ALLAH gave them perfect shifa. A large chunk of patients with locomotor disorders were treated with herbal, acupuncture and, acupressure I,e, Joints pain ,nuero-muscular maladies, slip disk, sciatica pain and cervicle spondylitis with successful cure rate.


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