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Fashion, Style and Tradition Makes Threader. At Threader, we not only present you the best wearable designs but assure you the finest fabrics and promise you unmatched quality. Love is All We Need! Become a Fan.

At Threader, we not only present you the best wearable designs but assure you the finest fabrics and promise you unmatched quality and we mean it!
We work in Pakistani Traditional wear, including Formals, Semi-Formals, and Casuals, using fine fabrics. Order us Traditional Pakistani Wear from our collection. Our Customers Include Pakistanis and International.


- Prices are variable to change over time: Since the prices of the inputs, fabrics and the raw material for making the dresses, change over time, hence the prices given on the pictures of the uploaded dresses can be outdated and we reserve the right to change the prices. However, it is difficult for us, to keep a track and edit all of the prices of our products, on the pictures. Hence a different price for a certain dress can be given at the time of buying/ordering than the price quoted on the pictures, if the price have been added long before. You can view the prices on the pictures as an estimate price. Those quoted prices are valid only within a close time of adding the prices. We reserve the right to change the prices over time. For the final price of a certain dress that you intend to order, the best way is to contact us via email (, or message us on Facebook.

- If you have reserved any dress, via making an advance payment, or by purchasing a few other items, all the dresses will be delivered (including the ones whose payment is cleared and the ones which are reserved) only when the complete payment (inclusive of the payment of the reserved ones and the shipping charges) is cleared.

- We ship anywhere in the world.

- Shipping charges needs to be paid by the customer.

- You can purchase from current inventory or place an order with unlimited options to customize.

- Payments must be cleared in 100% advance.

- If you are willing to make the payment in installments, please note that, 50% should be cleared at the time of order placement, and the remaining 50% should be cleared once the dresses are ready. Please note that, the dresses will not be sent out or dispatched until the complete 100% payment is cleared.

A replica is a copy that is relatively indistinguishable from the original. However, while ordering Replicated Designer wear, please keep in mind that Replicas are not exactly same, there is always a slight difference, between the original shown in picture and the Replica. We also provide details upon which the replica will base.

Any Dress shown in the picture as Sleeveless, can have Full Sleeves attached, without any extra charges.

The price for a ready-to-wear outfit and the price for a made-to-measure, made-to-order, or customized dress for the same design can be different; due to the reason that ready-to-wear outfits are often sale items and are available at discounted prices.

We are currently dedicated to designing clothes for the style-conscious women around the globe. We are also contemplating a trendy collection, high on aesthetics and low on price for young fashion-conscious women looking for good value for money whilst uncompromising on fashion as a day to day statement. We have kept affordable prices on each garment to benefit a larger section of desi-evolving society around the globe.

Our designs are fresh, young & vibrant keeping in mind not only the embroidery and embellishments of the garment but also the silhouette, texture, fabrics and finishing. Each garment in itself is a unique design concept where it goes through various hues till it crystallizes into the final creation. For every creation, the basic theme is to have an aesthetic and uncluttered appeal to the garments. The techniques, detailing, style, quality are some of the defining symbols of Threader's garments, which has established us and enabled us to convert our innovative designs and present them to the international arena.

Pictures of designs featured on our page and orders based on pictures published can be processed and sent via courier.

For clients in Karachi, you can contact us for an appointment at the given number.

For international clients we accept payments made through western union or any other form of bank transfer which is convenient for the customer.

From the day of order placement and payment you can get any outfit shipped to you within 2-4 weeks depending on the amount of work.

You can choose from long or short shirts, pants or capris, shalwars or chooridaars, any sleeve style, or shirt style etc. and mix up any design according to your own taste and requirement. Be Creative.

- Please ascertain, that before placing an order with us, you agree to our conditions, terms and policy.

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